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Celebrities Who’ve Sworn Off Dieting for Good

As body positivity and fat acceptance gain momentum across platforms, Western culture’s obsession with dieting in order to be thin seems to be shifting (although it’s also obvious that it’s not going away anytime soon). Things like AMC’s new series Dietland critique the fad diets and weight-loss plans that are pitched to us every day from every angle.

Body positivity is ultimately about making personal choices to feel good in your own body. Dieting for the sake of weight loss usually doesn’t lead to feeling great — most people gain the weight back, especially if they lose it too fast. For some people, this leads to even worse health problems, like eating disorders, which are incredibly common according to the National Eating Disorders Association.

Some of our favorite celebrities have opted to take on a more body-positive approach to talking about food, exercise and weight loss in their interviews, which helps dispel the mythos that all women want is to be thin. These body-positive celebrities have sworn off dieting completely, and their reasons are pretty amazing.

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