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All the Details You May Have Missed Leading Up to the Westworld Season 2 Finale

Season 2 of Westworld hasn’t been an easy watch. In the opening moments, we were thrown into two different time frames, which became three, then four and more as the season went on. We were also taken to lots of different locations: within the Delos theme park (on an undisclosed island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean), Raj World and Shogun World, and outside Delos to unknown cities somewhere in the near future. Add in the intricate plot, new characters, new developments in long-simmering character arcs from Season 1, and it can be a lot to keep track of. No wonder you might be missing a thing or two.

That’s where we come in. As avid Westworld watchers who have paid close attention to every frame of Season 2, we’ve found some tiny details you may not have noticed the first time around. We want to circle back to these details and unpack them a little bit, especially because they bring up crucial questions and concerns about certain characters and the future of Westworld.

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