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How These Hollywood Leading Men Have Stuck Up for Women in 2018

Between the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, the ongoing conversation around equal pay across all industries and the fight for gender parity on a wider, more inclusive scale, the issues affecting women are front and center in 2018. This renewed focus on sociopolitical issues that uniquely affect women mean that we, as a society, are learning how to feel more comfortable opening up with our stories and fighting for the equal treatment of ourselves and others. It’s now a time where women are actually being listened to — a great thing no matter which way you look at it. 

Even though the stories of sexual misconduct or mistreatment have made many uncomfortable (despite the fact that it’s very necessary), there are actually some famous men who are sticking up for women. They are using their power and position in society to support women, to proclaim that they believe women and to create initiative-driven groups like the #AskMoreOfHim campaign, which aims to challenge men “to use their privilege and platforms for good” and counts Justin Baldoni, David Schwimmer, How to Get Away With Murder‘s Matt McGorry and David Arquette as members.

It’s time to recognize the men who have voiced support for women and are taking a step back to listen to women in order to benefit us in the best ways possible. This isn’t about men wearing pins, it’s about men who are doing more, and here just a few who should be applauded.

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