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14 Celebrities Who Were Raised by Strong Single Women

Not everyone grows up with two parents. That’s exactly what can be said about the following celebrities. These stars were raised by strong single women who helped shape them into who they are today.

Some of the most famous faces in Hollywood come from single-parent homes. Did you know Julia Roberts and her siblings were basically raised by just their mom? In April 2017, the Oscar-winning actor opened up to People about the death of her mom, Betty Lou Bredemus.

“My mom worked a full-time job and raised three girls pretty much on her own,” the Wonder star said. “My brother [actor Eric Roberts] is older, so he was gone and out of the house. She never showed the strain of it.”

After Roberts became a mother to her three children (twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and son Henry) with Daniel Moder, she appreciated her mom even more. “[When I] had three children under 3 years old, I was like, ‘Mom, how did you do this?’” Roberts recalled to People. ”And instead of saying, ‘Well, you just have to apply yourself and it takes effort,’ she goes, ‘It’s called daycare, honey.’ And I was so appreciative and so grateful she didn’t tell me some sage, bullshit story about what it’s like to be a great mother.”

That’s just one story out of many from celebrities who grew up with an amazing woman guiding them along in this journey called life. Here are a few more.

These moms definitely deserve a medal — and a standing ovation.

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