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The Best TV Dads of All Time

What makes a great television dad? For us, our perfect TV dad is supportive and kind, lovable and always ready to dole out life lessons in their own unique way. At the same time, we love dads who will do anything for their partners and kids, from helping them grow to defending them when they’re in trouble. 

Even though there are plenty of TV shows that feature father figures these days, it’s really tough to find a truly great dad character. Shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Shameless have featured dads that ultimately love their kids but they also have, well, a lot of issues. But even though some of our more recent television shows have dads that are a bit lacking (or are murdering meth dealers), there are still some real winners out there, both past and present. 

And on that note, here are some of our favorite television dads, including good ol’ Homer Simpson, Gomez Addams and our recent fave, This Is Us‘ Jack Pearson.  

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