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12 TV Shows You Should Be Watching


Now more than ever, the world needs great TV. The bad news? A lot of your favorite shows won’t be able to produce new episodes for quite some time, given that the whole global pandemic situation has thrown off most shooting schedules. The good news? There’s never been a better time to binge the shows that have always been on your list, but slip your mind every time you hear the dreaded “what should we watch?” The truth is, there’s simply too much TV out there for one mind to handle, let alone actually watch. So, how do you know which series will be your next obsession and which you’re better off skipping? Simple: this list of all the must-see TV shows you need to be watching right now.

Before you roll your eyes, I’m not suggesting that I’m the ultimate authority on what makes Great Television (yet, anyway). But certain shows stand the test of time, and others don’t; certain shows start strong and end weak, while others are slow to start, then suddenly achieve brilliance. On this list, you won’t find any of the once-hot shows now considered flops, and you’ll definitely hear about a few gems that slid under the radar but are beloved by those who found it. Of course, there’s no accounting for taste — but each and every show on this list has a devoted, involved fan base that will tell you: this show is good. 

The newest watch-this-right-now series, by the way, is HBO’s I May Destroy You, created by and starring the indomitable Micaela Coel. Following a young buzzy writer with a book deal to make good on, the series takes a turn when it follows her to a night out gone wrong — and turns into one of the most dazzling explorations of a woman’s experience of sex and sexual assault ever seen on TV. With critical acclaim only a few episodes in, I can’t say it strongly enough: this is one to watch.

Once you finish I Must Destroy You, here are 11 other shows you should be watching right now too.

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