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Everything the HIMYM Cast Has Done in the 4 Years Since the Show Ended

Is it just us, or is every popular sitcom from the last 20 years rumored for a reboot? With all those rumors floating around, it’s making us wonder just how many of our favorite nostalgia trips will get a makeover in the future. The shows that aren’t being talked about are just as conspicuous as the ones that are. But it’s probably better not to mess with a good thing, right?

That’s gotta be why no one has talked about rebooting How I Met Your Mother. The nine-season series aired its final episode on March 31, 2014, which means it’s been a whopping four years since we said goodbye to a show that made us laugh, made us shout, made us cry and reminded us how amazing a solid ensemble cast comedy can be.

We don’t need a reboot of this iconic series, but we are curious what the cast has been up to since How I Met Your Mother said its final goodbyes… so we did a little research. Here’s what we found.

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