13 Things You Need to Know About Jessica Chastain Right Now

Mar 23, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Jessica Chastain Birthday
Image: Brian To/WENN

Jessica Chastain is considered to be one of Hollywood’s most talented actors. Her work in The Help and Zero Dark Thirty put her on the map, but it’s her activism off-screen that is also getting her noticed.

Chastain was at the forefront the pay gap issue, #MeToo and Time’s Up movement way before these stories were the headlines. She’s fought for women’s rights in Hollywood and beyond.

“The great thing about modern feminism is that women can define what it means to them: it can mean being ambitious, it can mean being emotional, it can mean being sensitive and compassionate and also a leader,” she told Tablet in 2017. “It can mean all those things.”

Her constant push to make things better for women in all industries makes her one of our favorite actors to talk about — and learn more about.

Here are some of the coolest things about Jessica Chastain you should know (and tell your friends about).

1 /13: She Understands Loneliness

Image: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN

1/13 :She Understands Loneliness

2 /13: She Got Help From Robin Williams

Image: FayesVision/WENN

2/13 :She Got Help From Robin Williams

3 /13: She Was Initially Discovered Early On

Image: FayesVision/WENN

3/13 :She Was Initially Discovered Early On

4 /13: She's Very Private About Her Childhood


4/13 :She's Very Private About Her Childhood

5 /13: She's Had Some Pretty Famous Roommates

Image: Christopher Polk/WireImage/Getty Images

5/13 :She's Had Some Pretty Famous Roommates

6 /13: 2011 Was Her Breakout Year

Image: Dreamworks

6/13 :2011 Was Her Breakout Year

7 /13: She's a Lasting Hollywood Star

Image: Jonathan Olley/Universal

7/13 :She's a Lasting Hollywood Star

8 /13: She Married a Count

Image: WENN

8/13 :She Married a Count

9 /13: She's an Avid Animal Lover

9/13 :She's an Avid Animal Lover

10 /13: She Is a Total Activist

10/13 :She Is a Total Activist

11 /13: She's Not Just Talk

Image: Getty Images

11/13 :She's Not Just Talk

12 /13: She's Incredibly Compassionate

Image: Brian To/WENN

12/13 :She's Incredibly Compassionate

13 /13: She's Slated to Star In the 'It' Sequel

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13/13 :She's Slated to Star In the 'It' Sequel