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Chrissy Teigen’s Fiercest Pregnancy Fashion

Chrissy Teigen is many things to the world, almost all at once if you really think about it. Tough-talking, funny, driven and caring, Teigen can run a household, raise her daughter, Luna, with her husband, John Legend, write cookbooks, deliver searing clap-backs on Twitter and light up our lives with her general greatness. 

But from the looks of her social media, it’s clear that her most treasured role is as a mom. And no, that’s not a knock; she’s a matriarch in the best way. She’s devoted and dearly in love with Luna, and fans have become as enamored with Teigen’s humor and lifestyle as a mom as they have with watching Luna grow up before their eyes. Happily, it seems like fans will get to go through this process all over again right along with Teigen and Legend when their second child (a boy!) is born.

Teigen announced she was pregnant with her second child in November 2017, and of course, it was with a wryly captioned Instagram video. Since then, we’ve watched Teigen get more and more pregnant by the day, with her dutifully documenting her journey to motherhood the second time around (as well as the rest of her life) on social media. While there’s been a lot of humor, there’s also been a lot of fierce fashion sported in this documentation — no surprise from a modern style icon — and it’s truly exciting to see what kind of maternity fashion Teigen chooses.

We’re only a few months into Teigen’s second pregnancy, but there have been some great looks thus far. Here are the best ones.

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