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10 Things Kylie Jenner Did in Her First Month as a Mom

Kylie Jenner was already one of the busiest people on the planet up until nine months ago, when she conceived her daughter, Stormi Webster, with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. Jenner quickly took herself out of the public eye, which was something extremely outside the realm of normal for the ever-present young celebrity. As she retreated from public view and chose to keep her pregnancy to herself, it was only a matter of time before the rumors began swirling and the world grew eager to know what the deal was with Jenner. Was she pregnant? Was she ill? Was she OK?

Well, we finally got our answer on Feb. 4, when Jenner broke her silence and confirmed to the world that only a few days earlier, on Feb. 1, she had become a mother. The month since then has been relatively low-key for Jenner, with limited appearances in public, the occasional selfie on her Instagram and, more recently, an intimate and unofficial Twitter Q&A with fans describing what her life is like with Stormi.

It sounds so sweet. Sure, Jenner has a lot of help in caring for Stormi, including her massive family and a team of professionals, but for the most part, it sounds like she is a very present mother. And so, as she balances out her life with her resumed (yet limited) work life, let’s take a moment to review what Jenner’s first month as a new mom has been like.

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