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Superstitious Stars Who Believe in Lucky Charms

Being superstitious can be a lot of work. Don’t walk under a ladder. Avoid black cats who like to cross streets. Throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. There are many different superstitions, and let’s be real, myriad interpretations of those superstitions. Some people even consider defying cliché superstitions (think stepping on every sidewalk crack) to be a separate and yet equally lucky subset of superstition. There has to be an easier way to lock in good fortune, right?

If you ask the following super-fortunate celebrities, the answer is yes — it’s simply a matter of carrying your own personal talisman around with you. It’s a valid theory. You can’t run out of good luck if you’re the one who brings it. Typically, one thinks of things like a four-leaf clover or rabbit-foot, but the beauty of lucky charms is that they can be whatever you want as long as you believe in them.

Just ask these superstitious stars, whose lucky charms range from sweet to downright bizarre.

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