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51 Shows Premiering & Returning to TV This Spring

There’s no use beating around the bush on this one: So much great TV is either returning with fresh seasons or premiering for the first time this spring, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Not only is there so much to choose from, but also the range of shows is plentiful. Reality TV, drama, comedy, sci-fi, action, mystery, half-hour, full-length… the choices are endless. 

Do you choose to watch NBC’s exciting new musical drama, Rise? Tune in for the return of Westworld? Or are you going to clear some space in your DVR queue for the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale, the return of A Series of Unfortunate Events or the new Netflix adventure Lost in Space? Maybe you’re a bit of a reality TV junkie and you’re looking forward to the premiere of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation or the return of Botched. Or perhaps you’re 100 percent ready to dive into a new season of America’s Got Talent.

No matter what your vibe is, we have all the premiere dates for your favorite spring TV shows in one place. Click through to get the full spring TV 411.

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