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20 Beautiful Moments You Missed During the 2018 Oscars

When asked to describe the Oscars in a few adjectives, there’s no doubt the word “beautiful” will be a part of your list. It’s one of the most glamorous (if not the most glamorous, full stop) award shows of the year, representing the culmination of awards season and rewarding the very best work both in front of and behind the camera from the previous year. It’s a night for celebrities to come decked out in their finest clothes, with tuxes and gowns and glittering jewels populating the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. It’s a night for classy vibes and folks from various generations rubbing shoulders and basking in the magic of film together. It’s a night to make political statements, sharp critical commentary and even get ridiculously silly with a well-timed gag. It’s a night for women to lift up other women, well-known artists to recognize the rising talents of other, lesser-known artists and to celebrate filmmakers from across the globe.

It’s the Oscars, baby, and it’s all beautiful no matter which way you look at it. 

And since that special kind of Oscars beauty comes in many forms, including the kinds mentioned above, it’s only right we celebrate all the ways the 90th Annual Academy Awards (aka the 2018 Oscars), from the most glam to the silliest. Take a look for yourself and relive all the beautiful moments from Sunday night’s show.

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