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The Powerful 2018 Oscars Acceptance Speeches Everyone’s Talking About

The 90th Academy Awards has come and gone. This year, there was no shortage of powerful moments mixed in with all the supremely silly and truly uplifting ones. Some of the most powerful moments came in the form of activists taking to the stage during the performance of a song. Another came in the opening monologue when host Jimmy Kimmel got in his jabs at everyone, from the predatory figures taken down in the wake of the #MeToo movement to President Trump’s administration to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the company that may or may not have contributed to the bungled Best Picture announcement in 2017. 

And then there were the powerful moments that occurred during the acceptance speeches. 

While the speeches were overall fairly tame compared to other years, there were some notable exceptions during the 90th Academy Awards. These exceptions were the speeches that made calls for change, celebrated those who made the big wins happen and shined a light on those whose differences helped them stand out in a good way. In short, these speeches left us smiling because they were so meaningful. 

Keep reading to see just what was said during these powerful speeches. 

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