An Evolution of Dakota Fanning’s Red Carpet Style Over the Years

Since breaking out in Hollywood in the early '00s as the child star of films like I Am Sam, Uptown Girls and The Cat in the Hat. Dakota Fanning has grown up right before our eyes. Now in her mid-20s, Fanning is still working hard, landing roles in prestige TV dramas like TNT's The Alienist and intriguing indies like the Star Trek-inspired Please Stand By. 

But one of the most interesting ways to track Fanning's maturation into a respected grown-up actor is through the clothing she has worn on the red carpet. She's gone from wearing very cute, ornate sleeved dresses to the most luxurious, flattering gowns. There's also a consistent through-line in her red carpet or special event sartorial choices: she keeps it ridiculously classy, and the overall effect is both stunning and envy-inducing. 

So, on the occasion of her 24th birthday, let's take a trip back in time and look at the evolution of Dakota Fanning's red carpet style.