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34 Child Stars Who Are Still Working Today


Imagine what it’s like to be a child star. Could you handle the intense shoots, regardless of whether you’re working on a film or a TV show? Could you memorize your lines with ease and then remember to say them on cue? Could you deliver the right emotions and make your performance gel together with the rest of the project? It’s no mean feat, to be sure, but there are some actors in Hollywood who got their start in show business as children, which means they were faced with doing all of the above when the rest of us were going to elementary school. Add to that the pressures of not only managing your fame at such a young age but also successfully making the transition from child star to teen star and even grown-up movie and TV star, and you’ve got a lot to marvel at. Seriously, how do these actors do it?

There are plenty of kids who have acted over the years, but these stars have done it, nailed it, and built thriving careers from their early work in film and TV. They’re stars you know and love, who you have seen in a ton of projects and who have skillfully navigated the unwieldy world of fame from such a young age and managed not to get eaten alive by the whole rigmarole. They’ve done something amazing and should be proud of the healthy transition they made.

Click through to find out which child actors are still working today. You might be surprised at who pops up.

A version of this article was originally published on Feb. 2018. 

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