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Photos of Celebs Hanging Out at NYFW — Who Hung Out With Who?

It’s that magical time of year once more: One of two annual New York Fashion Weeks is upon us, and with it comes a plethora of exciting new looks and trends that will dominate the fashion industry and beyond for the coming year. It’s a major time for those of us who love to peep what’s hot right now in fashion as well as attempt to get a gander at the movers and shakers who are helping to dictate what is cool to wear these days.

But you know what NYFW 2018 is also great for? Attempting to spot celebrities amid the throngs of attendees at various high-profile fashion shows. NYFW has a way of bringing together an intriguing mélange of celebrities, from film and TV actors to theater stars to folks who regularly regale us on reality TV. There’s no fashion show too niche or too unknown as to not attract at least one famous face if its part of the NYFW lineup.

So, which celebs were spotted hanging out at NYFW 2018? Keep clicking and see for yourself.

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