12 Celebs Who Host Their Own Podcasts

Gone are the days of the triple threat. Now, celebs can become modern Renaissance men and women, as it were, by branching out into new and exciting ventures. Yes, they're actors, musicians, dancers and singers, but some of them are also becoming podcasters.

Similarly, gone are the days of just obsessing over a celebrity’s work on the television silver screen. As these celebs-turned-podcasters have proven, you can bring your new art form to the masses in fresh ways so your fans can experience you whenever they want. You can hop on iTunes or SoundCloud or Stitcher and listen to your favorite celebs tackle topics on their podcasts ranging from relationship advice to parenting tips to health and fitness — all the way down the list to pizza (yes, pizza!). And these celebs who host their own podcasts obviously get bonus points when they bring on their celebrity friends as guests, which happens often and is all the more reason you should be listening ASAP.

From Macaulay Culkin to Anna Faris, here are some of our favorite podcasts hosted by celebrities you know and love.