What's Coming & Going on Netflix This February

by Shanee Edwards
Jan 26, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. ET

We're coming to the end of awards season, with the Oscars just a few short weeks away. By now, most of us have caught up with the big movies of 2017 and are craving new entertainment. Luckily, Netflix has our back — not only with hit action movies, but also with some real groundbreaking original shows.

If sci-fi is your thing, you'll definitely want to check out their new original show Altered Carbon, about pushing human biology to the edge. There's also the Japanese film Fullmetal Alchemist, about two brothers who go on a quest for the Philosopher's Stone.

If you're a history buff, re-watch Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the 16th president of the United States and Sally Field as his wife Mary Todd. It will make you want to write Day-Lewis a letter begging him not to quit acting.

There’s also plenty of stuff for the little ones, like The Emoji Movie, about an emoji just trying to fit into the ever-changing digital world.

So, here are our picks for what to watch on Netflix this February along with what's leaving the streaming platform.

1 /16: 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1'

1/16 :'Kill Bill: Vol. 1'

Uma Thurman plays an assassin who decides to leave her life of crime behind when she becomes pregnant. Her jealous ex-lover — the father of her child — has other plans.

Coming: Feb. 1

2 /16: 'Altered Carbon'

2/16 :'Altered Carbon'

Set in a futuristic world, this original TV series explores humans who are able to transcend death of the body by digitizing their consciousness and storing it in their spines. Sound freaky? We agree.

Coming: Feb. 2

3 /16: 'Coach Snoop'

3/16 :'Coach Snoop'

Snoop Dogg, the famous rapper, coaches a team of teenagers in the Snoop Youth Football League in this eight-episode series.

Coming: Feb. 2

4 /16: 'On Body and Soul'

4/16 :'On Body and Soul'

Two slaughterhouse workers fall in love after they discover they can share their dreams at night. Both meet as deer in their dream world, but waking life isn't as romantic.

Coming: Feb. 2

5 /16: 'Queer Eye'

5/16 :'Queer Eye'

Set in Atlanta, a new quintet of "queer" men attempts to help straight men get in shape, dress better and discover the best of local culture.

Coming: Feb. 7

6 /16: 'The Emoji Movie'

6/16 :'The Emoji Movie'

Gene (T.J. Miller) is an emoji with many emotions and feels he doesn't fit in with the other, more popular emojis.

Coming: Feb. 8

7 /16: 'The Trader'

7/16 :'The Trader'

This short documentary explores what happens when a wealthy stock trader goes in search of the true meaning of life.

Coming: Feb. 9

8 /16: 'Seeing Allred'

8/16 :'Seeing Allred'

This documentary profiles Gloria Allred, a women's rights lawyer who overcame personal trauma before devoting the next 40 years to protecting the rights of women.

Coming: Feb. 9

9 /16: 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

9/16 :'Fullmetal Alchemist'

Searching for the mysterious Philosopher's Stone, two brothers want to use the stone's powers to bring their mother back to life.

Coming: Feb. 19

10 /16: 'Lincoln'

10/16 :'Lincoln'

President Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) grapples with a divided country as the Civil War rages.

Coming: Feb. 23

11 /16: 'Marseille'

11/16 :'Marseille'

Robert Taro (Gérard Depardieu) is a power-hungry, corrupt businessman in the wealthy, high-stakes port city of Marseille, France.

Coming: Feb. 23

12 /16: 'Seven Seconds'

12/16 :'Seven Seconds'

Set in New Jersey, this show explores the conflict between African-American citizens and Caucasian cops after a teenage boy is severely wounded by a cop.

Coming: Feb. 23

13 /16: 'Magic City'

13/16 :'Magic City'

Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars in this Golden Globe-nominated crime drama about mobsters in Miami in the 1950s.

Going: Feb. 1

14 /16: 'Family Guy'

14/16 :'Family Guy'

From funny-guy Seth MacFarlane, this subversive animated comedy depicts a family with a talking baby as they reflect on modern family life and current events.

Going: Feb. 14

15 /16: 'Burn Notice'

15/16 :'Burn Notice'

When Michael Westen, (Jeffrey Donovan) gets fired from his job as a U.S. spy (aka "burned"), he decides to use his talents to help innocent people in need.

Going: Feb. 15

16 /16: 'Jane Got a Gun'

16/16 :'Jane Got a Gun'

Jane (Natalie Portman) is a frontierswoman who risks her life to protect her husband when a gang is on the hunt to kill him.

Going: Feb. 24