Every TV Show That's Been Canceled in 2018 — So Far

by Allie Gemmill
Feb 1, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. ET

As far as I'm concerned, a new year means new TV, and that is a great thing. But as you go through 2018, it's best to brace yourself constantly for the onslaught of shows, both old and new, falling victim to the inevitable cancellation wave that is happening more and more frequently these days. It stinks, but it's how things are done in a time of total TV overload. 

Cancellations are crushing no matter which way you slice it, and the worst part about them is you're rarely expecting it, especially if you're an avid watcher of said show. I mean, how many of us sit in cold fear watching something we love and worry that if other people aren't watching it, then it will just go *poof!* from the TV schedule? Anybody? Just me?

So, in light of this, let's take a moment to salute the TV shows we loved that sadly got the axe in 2018. 

1 /8: 'Shut Eye'

1/8 :'Shut Eye'

Hulu canceled their original drama series starring Jeffrey Donovan after just two seasons.

2 /8: 'Dice'

2/8 :'Dice'

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay's semi-autobiographical Showtime comedy was canceled after two seasons.

3 /8: 'Damnation'

3/8 :'Damnation'

The short-lived USA drama focused on a small town in the heartland of America in the 1930s, where the conflict between the wealthy and the poor, the ambitious and the downtrodden. The show lasted only one season before USA axed it. 

4 /8: 'I Love Dick'

4/8 :'I Love Dick'

Amazon chose not to go forward with Season 2 of the Kevin Bacon-Kathryn Hahn drama from showrunner Jill Soloway about a husband and wife assessing the validity of their feelings toward an enigmatic writer and professor. 

5 /8: 'Jean-Claude Van Johnson'

5/8 :'Jean-Claude Van Johnson'

Amazon axed the spoof-y new comedy starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, playing a fictional version of himself as a martial arts expert both on- and off-screen as he makes movies and works as a privately contracted spy. Go figure.

6 /8: 'One Mississippi'

6/8 :'One Mississippi'

In January, Amazon chose not to move forward with the Tig Notaro-fronted dramedy about a queer woman who moves back home to Mississippi and attempts to reconnect with her brother and distant stepfather in the wake of her mother's death.

7 /8: 'Lady Dynamite'

7/8 :'Lady Dynamite'

The surreal and super-funny Netflix show Lady Dynamite only made it to Season 2 before getting axed in January.

8 /8: 'The Mayor'

8/8 :'The Mayor'

ABC's push to stay young and approachable with a light comedy about a millennial who becomes the mayor of his town on a whim got canceled before the end of its first season.