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The Best Photos of Rod Stewart’s Hair Through the Years

When you think of Rod Stewart, what’s the first thing you think of? Do you perhaps get visions of a rakish Englishman swirling about in your head? Do the opening chords of “Maggie May” seem to start up before you’re entirely aware of it? Perhaps you can hear Stewart’s iconic rasp beckoning you to come and hang out with him for all eternity.

Or maybe — just maybe — all you can think about when you hear the name Rod Stewart is his hair. I mean, the man’s mane is iconic. To envision Stewart without his feathered, bright blond hair as it wisps and swirls about his head is a tough thing to do; arguably (and, yes, somewhat hyperbolically), one doesn’t exist without the other. Stewart’s been a rock legend since the 1960s, and with all the successes, hit albums and chart-topping songs he’s released, his hair has always been part of the legend.

Which is why, on the occasion of Stewart’s 73rd birthday (Jan. 10), we are honoring the evolution of Stewart’s hair over the years.

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