The Best Photos of Rod Stewart's Hair Through the Years

by Allie Gemmill
Jan 9, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. ET

When you think of Rod Stewart, what's the first thing you think of? Do you perhaps get visions of a rakish Englishman swirling about in your head? Do the opening chords of "Maggie May" seem to start up before you're entirely aware of it? Perhaps you can hear Stewart's iconic rasp beckoning you to come and hang out with him for all eternity.

Or maybe — just maybe — all you can think about when you hear the name Rod Stewart is his hair. I mean, the man's mane is iconic. To envision Stewart without his feathered, bright blond hair as it wisps and swirls about his head is a tough thing to do; arguably (and, yes, somewhat hyperbolically), one doesn't exist without the other. Stewart's been a rock legend since the 1960s, and with all the successes, hit albums and chart-topping songs he's released, his hair has always been part of the legend.

Which is why, on the occasion of Stewart's 73rd birthday (Jan. 10), we are honoring the evolution of Stewart's hair over the years.

1 /15: Early '60s: Fresh Pressed

1/15 :Early '60s: Fresh Pressed

Stewart looks so young and sleek in this photo of him from the early 1960s.

2 /15: 1969: Oh So Serious

2/15 :1969: Oh So Serious

This solid black-and-white photo of Stewart only adds to the drama of his slightly tousled hair. 

3 /15: 1976: Where It All Began

3/15 :1976: Where It All Began

Behold the blueprint for the hairstyle we would come to know: feathered, blond and shaggy, Stewart cut a handsome figure.

4 /15: 1978: Sexy in Spots

4/15 :1978: Sexy in Spots

Not gonna lie: the fashion and swagger of 1978 go very well with Stewart's hairstyle.

5 /15: 1981: Fitness Finesse

5/15 :1981: Fitness Finesse

Check out Stewart, switching it up with a headband as he prepares to perform in Madison Square Garden in NYC.

6 /15: 1986: Slicker Than Ever

6/15 :1986: Slicker Than Ever

A very different look for Stewart came in 1986, with a slicked-back look he rocked while performing a massive stadium show.

7 /15: 1989: Wildly Highlighted

Check out Rod Stewart's hairstyle evolution:

7/15 :1989: Wildly Highlighted

The golden wildness of Stewart's mane matched the flower in his lapel at the 1989 American Music Awards.

8 /15: 1993: Relaxed to the Max

8/15 :1993: Relaxed to the Max

1993 was the year Stewart rocked a more relaxed shag, and he still looked damn good. 

9 /15: 1997: A New Hair Situation

9/15 :1997: A New Hair Situation

Pairing a goatee with some blond highlights might sound wild, but for Stewart, it's a great look.

10 /15: 2002: Dressed to the Nines

10/15 :2002: Dressed to the Nines

Even when performing for his A&E: In Concert With Rod Stewart special, Stewart keeps his hair look sharp — and slightly wispy.

11 /15: 2004: A Rosy Glow

11/15 :2004: A Rosy Glow

Stewart wasn't afraid to downplay the hair while posing with some rose accessories at the 32nd American Musican Awards.

12 /15: 2009: Floral and Feathered

12/15 :2009: Floral and Feathered

At the Chelsea Flower Show in 2009, Stewart's hair looked better than ever.

13 /15: 2013: A Silvery Touch

13/15 :2013: A Silvery Touch

Stewart was silvery in suit and in hairstyle while performing in Toronto in 2013.

14 /15: 2016: Smashing in '16

14/15 :2016: Smashing in '16

Stewart looked dashing with his signature feathered hair while attending an awards ceremony at the Royal Academy of Arts.

15 /15: 2017: Gray Around the Edges

15/15 :2017: Gray Around the Edges

The gray is coming in strong in the most recent sighting of Stewart's coif, when he attended The Sun Military Awards.