11 Things Beyoncé's Done Since Giving Birth to Twins 6 Months Ago

by Kristyn Burtt
Dec 13, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET

2017 was a life-altering year for Beyoncé with the birth of her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, in June. However, her year didn't stop once her two children were born. She continued to be a force in the music and social scenes by making a mark wherever she went. 

If she wasn't contributing to hurricane relief efforts, she was honoring people who made a difference in 2017, like Colin Kaepernick and even her husband, Jay-Z. She also squeezed in fitness routines and plenty of social media moments for her fans to relish. 

What will 2018 have in store for Beyoncé? She's definitely headed to Coachella to perform in April after canceling in 2017 due to her pregnancy. She will also be working on Disney's live-action remake of The Lion King, which will be released in 2019. 

But as any fan of Bey knows, she is going to surprise us with something big and unexpected along the way. We can't wait!

1 /11: Introduced the twins

1/11 :Introduced the twins

Beyoncé introduced Rumi and Sir Carter to the world one month after they were born. Jay-Z even explained the meanings of the twins' names to the Rap Radar podcast.

"Rumi is our favorite poet, so it was for our daughter," he said. "And then Sir was, like, man, come out the gate. He carries himself like that. He just came out, like, Sir."

2 /11: Won BET Viewers' Choice Award

2/11 :Won BET Viewers' Choice Award

Beyoncé was less than two weeks into her maternity leave when she won the BET Viewers' Choice Award. R&B duo and sisters Chloe x Halle accepted on her behalf at the 2017 BET Awards.

"We are honored to accept this award on behalf of Miss B, an iconic artist, a trendsetter, a rule-maker, a rule-breaker and our forever inspiration and mentor," Halle said.

Then Chloe handled Bey's official speech: "Thank you, BET, for this award and your tremendous support of Lemonade. This has been a journey of love, of celebrating our culture, honoring the past and approaching the present and future with hope and resolve."

3 /11: Trademarked her twins' names

3/11 :Trademarked her twins' names

Almost two weeks after the twins were born, TMZ discovered that Beyoncé and Jay-Z's company trademarked the kids' names for everything from fragrances to strollers. The couple is setting up the next generation of business moguls. 

4 /11: Released a new song

4/11 :Released a new song

Beyoncé not only donated her time to her hometown of Houston but also created a remix of the song "Mi Gente" to benefit hurricane relief charities. The song was originally recorded by J Balvin and Willy William, and the proceeds from the single go toward relief in Houston as well as Puerto Rico, Mexico and some of the Caribbean Islands. 

5 /11: Supported Missy Elliot

5/11 :Supported Missy Elliot

Beyoncé proved that she's also a good friend even with two newborns at home. She and younger sister Solange supported Missy Elliott at Fyf Fest in July.

Missy appreciated the Knowles sisters' support. She tweeted, "Thank u to my good sis @solangeknowles u know how we do! #cancerseason! & my good sis @Beyonce they always have shown me & I am humbled."

6 /11: Looked fly at the Brooklyn Benefit Concert

6/11 :Looked fly at the Brooklyn Benefit Concert

Beyoncé killed it in a stunning green Walter Mendez dress at the TIDAL X: Brooklyn Benefit Concert, which Jay-Z headlined. Even though she didn't perform, Beyoncé was supportive of her husband's charitable efforts alongside fellow performers Jennifer Lopez and Stevie Wonder.


7 /11: Totally won Halloween

7/11 :Totally won Halloween

Beyoncé and Jay-Z showed up in a couples costume, Lil' Kim and the late Notorious B.I.G., for Kelly Rowland's Halloween party. It's a pretty epic costume for one of rap's most infamous duos of the 1990s. 

The tribute was a perfect way for Bey and Jay to showcase their strengthened relationship and still win Halloween.

8 /11: Was cast in 'The Lion King'

8/11 :Was cast in 'The Lion King'

Disney is doing a live-action remake of The Lion King, and Beyoncé is rightfully voicing Nala. It gets even better because she's joined by Donald Glover as Simba and James Earl Jones, who is reprising his role, Mufasa, from the 1994 animated film.

This epic cast is going to make us wait until 2019 to see their work, but it's going to be worth it!

9 /11: Appeared at the Sports Illustrated Awards

9/11 :Appeared at the Sports Illustrated Awards

Beyoncé showed up to present the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award at the Sports Illustrated Awards in December to activist and former NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

"Thank you for your selfless heart and your conviction. Thank you for your personal sacrifice. Colin took action with no fear of consequence or repercussion, only hope to change the world for the better, to change perception, to change the way we treat each other, especially people of color," she said in her speech. "We’re still waiting for the world to catch up."

10 /11: Got super fit

10/11 :Got super fit

Beyoncé took care of herself during her pregnancy and managed to get back into shape quickly. E! revealed her secrets from an inside source.

"She did SoulCycle several times a week as soon as she got clearance after her C-section. She also worked out with a trainer at home doing cardio, intervals and weights," the source said. "All of her meals and diet were overseen by a private chef on staff who travels with them and prepares everything specifically for her."

11 /11: Was ranked No. 4 on Instagram

11/11 :Was ranked No. 4 on Instagram

When Beyoncé posts a photo on Instagram, the whole world pays attention. In 2017, she managed to become the fourth most popular celebrity on the social media platform with 108 million followers. According to Business Insider, she ranks behind Ariana Grande, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and Selena Gomez