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An Extensive List of All the Jobs James Franco Has Ever Had

It’s by no means a stretch to say that James Franco is one of Hollywood’s true workaholics. He may be making his bread and butter from acting, but he’s made it clear over the course of his career he has no interest in sticking to the acting lane. 

Since breaking out with a starring role on the TV show Freaks and Geeks, Franco has become one of Hollywood’s go-to character actors. Comedy or drama, indie film or big-budget blockbuster, the man can do it all. But you know what else he can do? Write, direct, produce, create art and even shape young academic minds. He’s an unstoppable force, a Renaissance man if you will. 

Franco is known for taking on more than a dozen projects at once and somehow doing a smashing good job with nearly everything he takes on (how does he do it?), so I think it’s high time we figure out just how many job titles Franco has held, both currently and in the recent past. Believe me when I tell you this man is one hardworking, busy guy. 

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