An Extensive List of All the Jobs James Franco Has Ever Had

by Allie Gemmill
Dec 1, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

It's by no means a stretch to say that James Franco is one of Hollywood's true workaholics. He may be making his bread and butter from acting, but he's made it clear over the course of his career he has no interest in sticking to the acting lane. 

Since breaking out with a starring role on the TV show Freaks and Geeks, Franco has become one of Hollywood's go-to character actors. Comedy or drama, indie film or big-budget blockbuster, the man can do it all. But you know what else he can do? Write, direct, produce, create art and even shape young academic minds. He's an unstoppable force, a Renaissance man if you will. 

Franco is known for taking on more than a dozen projects at once and somehow doing a smashing good job with nearly everything he takes on (how does he do it?), so I think it's high time we figure out just how many job titles Franco has held, both currently and in the recent past. Believe me when I tell you this man is one hardworking, busy guy. 

1 /11: James Franco the actor

1/11 :James Franco the actor

The one job we all know Franco has — and regularly excels at — is as an actor. It's been his bread and butter for the better part of 20 years, and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Making his name as an actor with iconic performances in movies like James Dean, Freaks and Geeks and the early '00s teen rom-com Whatever It Takes, Franco now boasts 146 acting credits before the age of 40. It's jaw-dropping.

He's of course starred in some of your (undoubtedly) fave films over the last two decades, including the first Spider-Man franchise, Pineapple Express, 127 Hours, The Mindy Project, General Hospital and Eat Pray Love.

2 /11: James Franco the screenwriter

2/11 :James Franco the screenwriter

Franco is an accomplished screenwriter and has not only acted, directed and produced in many of his independent projects, but he's also written them as well. His screenwriting credits include Palo AltoBlack Dog, Red DogChild of God; and the deliciously soapy Lifetime movie Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? 

3 /11: James Franco the director

3/11 :James Franco the director

Franco has been behind the lens of some of his most famous and fun projects. He most recently directed The Disaster Artist (for which he was in character the entire time, which definitely spiced up the shoot), but he's also directed a number of indie films, shorts and documentaries. Some of his most recognizable titles include Interior. Leather. Bar.The DeuceIn Dubious BattleZeroville11.22.63; and As I Lay Dying.

4 /11: James Franco the producer

4/11 :James Franco the producer

Franco is not only dedicated to bringing his own creative visions to life, but he actively works as a producer to ensure they are brought to life in their truest form. He's often been at work behind the lens making sure the projects he's either helming or heavily involved in are handled properly. As such, he's become the producer of many of his best-known projects. His IMDb currently credits him with 67 projects either still in production or already successfully produced. Previous projects include Why Him?, King Cobra and 11.22.63.

5 /11: James Franco the novelist

5/11 :James Franco the novelist

As if his work in Hollywood weren't enough, Franco is also a cracking-good novelist. While he's written and adapted scripts for film and television, he's also branched out into fiction writing. In 2010, he released a collection of short stories called Palo Alto, which drew on his own experiences as a teen growing up in the titular California town. He would later appear in the film adaptation of his own book, playing a supporting character.

6 /11: James Franco the artist

6/11 :James Franco the artist

It's obvious Franco has the soul of an artist, and that extends beyond the film industry. In the early 2010s, he attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and there, he was able to hone his artistic intuitions. 

Franco's work is available to purchase and view in galleries across the nation. Peep some of his work that's available for viewing at the Treason Gallery

7 /11: James Franco the college professor

7/11 :James Franco the college professor

Just a few years ago, Franco was the king of higher learning. On top of seeking graduate degrees (damn-near simultaneously too) from Rhode Island School of Design, Yale, Columbia and NYU, he also found the time to teach a few classes. Oh, and did I mention he was doing this while still maintaining a thriving career in film and television?

In 2011, Franco took on the role of college film professor at NYU, teaching a class titled "Directing the Thesis I" for a semester. Amusingly, the Rate My Professor page for Franco is still available, so you can check out what some of his students thought about his teaching skills.

8 /11: James Franco the philanthropist

8/11 :James Franco the philanthropist

Franco is not only extremely fortunate to have the jobs he has, but the one extra gig he has undertaken sees him giving back to his community. He's intently focused on helping those in need and has devoted a significant amount of his time helping others. 

His most notable philanthropic endeavors include working as a volunteer at the charity Art of Elysium, which seeks to raise money to help children with serious medical conditions. Additionally, in 2011, Franco hosted An Evening With James Franco to raise funds and work to benefit the Washington, D.C.-area charity 826DC. The charity is devoted to helping local children achieve their personal goals while also providing afterschool literature programs and workshops.

9 /11: James Franco the musician

9/11 :James Franco the musician

Of course Franco's a musician! Why wouldn't he be? 

In 2016, his band, Daddy, released their album Let Me Get What I Want as well as an accompanying short film. The album's name was inspired by The Smith's song of the same name. Daddy has been together only a few years and is a collaboration between Franco and multi-instrumentalist Tim O'Keefe.

10 /11: James Franco the high school teacher

10/11 :James Franco the high school teacher

In 2015, while doing damn-near everything else, Franco was also briefly a high school teacher. Returning to his alma mater, Palo Alto High School, Franco taught an eight-part film class to a group of lucky Palo Alto students. How cool is that?

11 /11: James Franco the model

11/11 :James Franco the model

Franco is no stranger to the model life. His chiseled good looks have allowed him to become the face of a few high-profile campaigns, including one for Gucci in 2008