Goldie Hawn Through the Years

by Jessica Hickam
Nov 20, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Goldie Hawn will celebrate her 71st birthday on Nov. 21, and to celebrate her, we're looking back at all of her iconic moments throughout the decades. And there have been plenty!

It's hard to believe Hawn got her start all the way back in the '60s and, thanks to her reemergence on the Hollywood scene last year, she's still lighting up the silver screen with her bubbly smile and gorgeous blue eyes.

It isn't just Hawn's beauty that earns her recognition. In 2003, she started The Hawn Foundation, which aims to provide youth education programs, focusing on "life-enhancing strategies for well-being." She's also a published author. Her memoir A Lotus Grows in the Mud was published in 2005.

Of course, you might also know Hawn as mom to Kate Hudson. She also has one of the longest lasting relationships in Hollywood with fellow actor Kurt Russell. The two have been together since 1983.

Scroll or click through to see Hawn's best moments.

1 /16: Rowan & Martin's 'Laugh-In' (1968-1970)

1/16 :Rowan & Martin's 'Laugh-In' (1968-1970)

Hawn first gained a name for herself in this NBC sketch comedy.

2 /16: 'The One & Only, Genuine, Original Family Band' (1968)

2/16 :'The One & Only, Genuine, Original Family Band' (1968)

Hawn's first appearance in film was as a giggling dancer in 1968's The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.

3 /16: 'Cactus Flower' (1969)

3/16 :'Cactus Flower' (1969)

Hawn made her first big appearance opposite Walter Matthau and Ingrid Bergman in 1969's Cactus Flower.

4/16 :Academy Awards (1970)

Hawn won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Cactus Flower.

5 /16: 'There's a Girl in My Soup' (1970)

5/16 :'There's a Girl in My Soup' (1970)

After her Academy Award, Hawn found success starring in comedies like There's a Girl in My Soup.

6 /16: 'Shampoo' (1975)

6/16 :'Shampoo' (1975)

Hawn starred opposite Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in this romantic dramedy.

7 /16: 'Foul Play' (1978)

7/16 :'Foul Play' (1978)

In this film, Hawn starred alongside Chevy Chase as a shy librarian and a bubbling cop who fall in love.

8 /16: 'Private Benjamin' (1980)

8/16 :'Private Benjamin' (1980)

Not only did Hawn act in this film, she also served as a producer.

9 /16: 'Overboard' (1987)

9/16 :'Overboard' (1987)

Hawn starred with her boyfriend Kurt Russell, but this film was a box office disappointment that has since gained a cult following.

10 /16: 'Death Becomes Her' (1992)

10/16 :'Death Becomes Her' (1992)

In the 1990s, Hawn found success with dramas, such as 1992's Death Becomes Her.

11 /16: 'The First Wives Club' (1995)

11/16 :'The First Wives Club' (1995)

Three women seek revenge on the husbands who left them for younger women in this comedy.

12 /16: 'The Out-of-Towners' (1999)

12/16 :'The Out-of-Towners' (1999)

One of the best duos of the '90s, Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn played a married couple vexed by misfortune.

13 /16: 'Town & Country' (2001)

13/16 :'Town & Country' (2001)

Goldie Hawn and Warren Beatty reunited for this 2001 romantic comedy.

14 /16: 'The Banger Sisters' (2002)

14/16 :'The Banger Sisters' (2002)

Hawn and Susan Sarandon played former rock groupie best friends who were reunited after 21 years.

15 /16: Her big break (2002-2017)

15/16 :Her big break (2002-2017)

Hawn took a break from acting for about 15 years, focusing on other things life had to offer her.

16 /16: 'Snatched' (2017)

16/16 :'Snatched' (2017)

Hawn made her entrance back into the film spotlight in 2017 with Snatched opposite Amy Schumer.