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A Timeline of Faith Hill & Tim McGraw’s Relationship

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are a power couple. In film, TV and music, they not only continually wow us with their skills as artists, they remain at the top of their game. And of course, while we love them individually, it’s tough to deny they make one heck of a great team.

That’s why we’re so, so stoked for the release of their first-ever duet album, The Rest of Our Life. The album, which was announced on their 21st wedding anniversary, brings together these two country music legends for the first time as they actually sing together — a nice change from seeing them pop up on one another’s songs occasionally over the years.

And so, ahead of the release of this exciting new album from Hill and McGraw, we should take a moment to look back on the relationship they forged and the life they built together. They’ve prided themselves as a couple for not staying apart more than a few days, and it’s clear to anyone this is a couple devoted to one another in a very real way. Why not celebrate that love by looking back on a timeline of its progression over the years, from exciting milestone to exciting milestone?

Keep clicking, because this celebrity relationship is definitely worth your time and appreciation.

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