A Timeline of Faith Hill & Tim McGraw's Relationship

by Allie Gemmill
Nov 14, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are a power couple. In film, TV and music, they not only continually wow us with their skills as artists, they remain at the top of their game. And of course, while we love them individually, it's tough to deny they make one heck of a great team.

That's why we're so, so stoked for the release of their first-ever duet album, The Rest of Our Life. The album, which was announced on their 21st wedding anniversary, brings together these two country music legends for the first time as they actually sing together — a nice change from seeing them pop up on one another's songs occasionally over the years.

And so, ahead of the release of this exciting new album from Hill and McGraw, we should take a moment to look back on the relationship they forged and the life they built together. They've prided themselves as a couple for not staying apart more than a few days, and it’s clear to anyone this is a couple devoted to one another in a very real way. Why not celebrate that love by looking back on a timeline of its progression over the years, from exciting milestone to exciting milestone?

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1 /13: 1996: One of their first outings together

1/13 :1996: One of their first outings together

The sweet couple made one of their first appearances together in September 1996 at Andre Agassi's Grand Slam for Children event. The pair had been together for just a few months at this point.

2 /13: 1997: The newlywed glow

2/13 :1997: The newlywed glow

By 1997, Hill and McGraw were not only parents, they were newlyweds as well. Hill became pregnant in October 1996 with their first daughter, Gracie. In January 1997, Hill wore a chic white baby doll dress to the American Music Awards to showcase her bump and signal her newlywed status to everyone.

3 /13: 1997: Traveling with Gracie

3/13 :1997: Traveling with Gracie

Hill and McGraw were spotted making their way through the airport in late 1997. McGraw was spotted carrying daughter Gracie through the airport while smiling for photographers.

4 /13: 1998: An award-winning couple

4/13 :1998: An award-winning couple

The 33rd annual Academy of Country Music Awards was good to both Hill and McGraw. Among the many Hill won, she earned an award for her duet of "Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me" with McGraw as well as Top Single of the Year for "This Kiss." McGraw also scooped up awards for his duet with Faith Hill for the song "It's Your Love."

5 /13: 2004: McGraw's big year

5/13 :2004: McGraw's big year

2004 was a major year in McGraw's career, and Hill was right by his side the whole time. During this year, McGraw's song "Live Like You Were Dying" was climbing the charts. Additionally, while he'd had bit parts in various TV shows and movies, McGraw made a major transition to acting with his role in Friday Night Lights. The pair even celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary at one of the many premieres of the film.

6 /13: 2004: Faith Hill's big acting moment

6/13 :2004: Faith Hill's big acting moment

McGraw came out to support Hill during her own major acting moment when in 2004, she made her big screen debut in the remake of The Stepford Wives starring Nicole Kidman and Bette Midler. 

7 /13: 2006: McGraw gets his star

7/13 :2006: McGraw gets his star

McGraw got his Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2006, and you can bet your boots Hill was right by his side when it happened. The pair looked ecstatic as McGraw was honored for his accomplishments in music. 

8 /13: 2008: Performing at the CMAs

8/13 :2008: Performing at the CMAs

In one of the many poses that would become part of their performance trademark, Hill and McGraw performed at the Country Music Awards together.

9 /13: 2008: Hanging out with another power couple

9/13 :2008: Hanging out with another power couple

Hill and McGraw are among the most iconic people, individually and as a couple, in the country music scene. Some other big players? Why, longtime lovebirds Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, who were spotted hanging out with Hill and McGraw at the 56th Annual BMI Country Awards.

10 /13: 2010: At the 'Country Strong' premiere

10/13 :2010: At the 'Country Strong' premiere

Hill took the chance to get a little silly on the red carpet for the premiere of McGraw's film, Country Strong. Seen here raising her eyebrows in excitement, it's not tough to imagine she wanted to have a little fun on such a special occasion.

11 /13: 2015: McGraw gets goofy at the Oscars

11/13 :2015: McGraw gets goofy at the Oscars

McGraw seized his moment for goofy revenge in 2015 when the pair made their way down one of the many red carpets for the Oscars. Since his appearance in the Oscar-nominated film The Blind Side in 2010, McGraw has snagged repeat invites to the fanciest night in Hollywood. That said, it doesn't mean he doesn't like to have a little fun with his honey, no matter how formal the occasion.

12 /13: 2014: Getting silly with Jimmy Kimmel

12/13 :2014: Getting silly with Jimmy Kimmel

In the run up to the 2014 CMAs, Hill and McGraw did something a little rare: acted together. The pair played fictional versions of themselves in a skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live in which Jimmy showed up uninvited to their house in Nashville for a sleepover. Of course, the skit involved them singing Kimmel a lullaby, because why not?

13 /13: 2017: More in love than ever before

13/13 :2017: More in love than ever before

Hill and McGraw recently performed together at the 2017 CMAs ahead of the release of their first album together, The Rest of Our Life. After 21 years together and lots of career highs, it's easy to see these two are more in love than ever before.