Nick & Vanessa Lachey's Cutest Family Photos

by Allyson Koerner
Nov 7, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET

There are a lot of adorable celebrity families, including Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s.

Now that they are parents to three kids, Camden, Brooklyn and Phoenix, Nick and Vanessa can’t help but post cute family photos on social media. If you follow either or both of them on Instagram, then you’re well aware of just how much they love their children.

Obviously, family is a major part of their lives — and what is most important to them. While chatting with People in April, both Nick and Vanessa opened up about their family of five. “That was one of the things I think that really drew us to each other is we both really value family and how important family is,” Nick said.

Both of them also, of course, praised each other’s best quality as a parent. For Nick, Vanessa’s love for her kids knows no bounds. “Vanessa’s best quality as a parent is her absolute across-the-board, unwavering love for her kids, and she never lets a moment go by where her kids don’t know how much she loves them,” he said.

As for Vanessa, she said about her husband, “Nick is incredible. Nick is the reason that we are, I think, sane. He is our foundation. He is our rock. He keeps it together because Lord knows I can’t.”

The love they have for their daughter and two sons is extremely evident in the photos they share — and here is a handful of them for you to enjoy.

1 /18: 'DWTS' Disney night

1/18 :'DWTS' Disney night

Just making more magical memories as a family — and for Camden.

2 /18: The annual Easter photo

2/18 :The annual Easter photo

Seriously, this is one adorable family.

3 /18: Best baby announcement ever

3/18 :Best baby announcement ever

The only way you announce you're expecting a third child.

4 /18: Doing Disneyland right

4/18 :Doing Disneyland right

Now this is how you take a family photo at Disney.

5 /18: Thinking happy thoughts

5/18 :Thinking happy thoughts

When it comes to Halloween, the Lacheys go all out.

6 /18: Happy birthday, Camden

6/18 :Happy birthday, Camden

They even made shirts reading "Lachey Racing." How freaking cute is that?

7 /18: A little sibling love

7/18 :A little sibling love

Now this is absolutely Instagram-worthy.

8 /18: More sibling love

8/18 :More sibling love

Brooklyn, Phoenix and Camden are the sweetest.

9 /18: Happy Fourth of July!

9/18 :Happy Fourth of July!

They can't help but show love for their country.

10 /18: Celebrating Father's Day

10/18 :Celebrating Father's Day

Yeah, Nick is an amazing father.

11 /18: Mmm... doughnuts

11/18 :Mmm... doughnuts

Breakfast is probably this adorable all the time in the Lachey household.

12 /18: Holiday family time

12/18 :Holiday family time

They have matching pajamas, because of course they do. 

13 /18: Feeling 'Frozen'

13/18 :Feeling 'Frozen'

They aren't letting go of their top-notch Halloween costumes. 

14 /18: Family vacation time

14/18 :Family vacation time

This is a family that travels in style.

15 /18: 'Toy Story' for the win

15/18 :'Toy Story' for the win

1. They clearly love Disney. 2. They win every Halloween.

16 /18: Cheers to the beach

16/18 :Cheers to the beach

This is how every family wishes their beach photos would turn out.

17 /18: Baby No. 2 announcement

17/18 :Baby No. 2 announcement

Again, their baby reveals are beyond cute.

18/18 :Pure love

It doesn't get sweeter than this.