Jamie Foxx

by SheKnows
Apr 10, 2009 at 8:34 p.m. ET
Jamie Foxx celebrates his 40th birthday at Jet in Las Vegas

1 /18: Jamie Foxx Star pose

1/18 :Jamie Foxx Star pose

Hollywood Walk of Fame member Jamie Foxx

2 /18: Jamie Foxx-Jen Garner

2/18 :Jamie Foxx-Jen Garner

Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx at The Kingdom premiere

3 /18: Jamie Foxx Hwood star

3/18 :Jamie Foxx Hwood star

Jamie Foxx gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

4 /18: Jamie Foxx-Gerard Butler

4/18 :Jamie Foxx-Gerard Butler

Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler in Philadelphia

5 /18: Jamie Foxx gala

5/18 :Jamie Foxx gala

Jamie Foxx at the 2009 Fulfillment Fund Gala

6 /18: Jamie Foxx-Fergie

6/18 :Jamie Foxx-Fergie

Jamie Foxx and Fergie share a moment on the red carpet

7 /18: Jamie Foxx Ent Awards

7/18 :Jamie Foxx Ent Awards

Jamie Foxx dashes into the 2008 Entertainment Awards

8 /18: Jamie Foxx Dreamgirls promo

8/18 :Jamie Foxx Dreamgirls promo

Jamie Foxx's Dreamgirls character was less than charming

9 /18: Jamie Foxx Dreamgirls

9/18 :Jamie Foxx Dreamgirls

Jamie Foxx stars in Dreamgirls, an Oscar winner

10 /18: Jamie Foxx DC

10/18 :Jamie Foxx DC

Jamie Foxx at the Inauguration of Barack Obama

11 /18: Jamie Foxx Clive Davis

11/18 :Jamie Foxx Clive Davis

Jamie Foxx arrives at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party

12 /18: Jamie Foxx CD

12/18 :Jamie Foxx CD

Jamie Foxx's CD brought out his musical side

13 /18: Jamie Foxx Atonement

13/18 :Jamie Foxx Atonement

Jamie Foxx at the Atonement premiere in Hollywood

14 /18: Jamie Foxx smiles

14/18 :Jamie Foxx smiles

Jamie Foxx smiles on the red carpet of the AMAs in 2008

15 /18: Jamie Foxx close up

15/18 :Jamie Foxx close up

Jamie Foxx points to a fan at the AMAs

16 /18: Jamie Foxx AMAs

16/18 :Jamie Foxx AMAs

Jamie Foxx makes an appearance at the AMAs

17 /18: Jamie Foxx-County Music Awards

17/18 :Jamie Foxx-County Music Awards

Jamie Foxx on the red carpet at the Country Music Awards

18 /18: Jamie Foxx Miami Vice

18/18 :Jamie Foxx Miami Vice

Colin Ferrell and Jamie Foxx in Michael Mann's Miami Vice