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‘The Addams Family’: Where Are They Now?

They’re mysterious and spooky. Some might say they are altogether ooky. You know the types — the Addams Family. Ever since this dark comedy hit theaters in 1991, its eponymous characters have been everyone’s favorite freaky fam. They’ve become such a beloved part of pop culture that it is hard to believe it has been 25 years since the film’s release.

But, alas, time marches on. And while some of the cast members of the Addams family have been particularly visible on our screens over the years, it’s still interesting to catch up with the crew and see where life has taken them.

Are all of the actors still acting? Have any gone on to star in roles that eclipsed this 1991 cult hit? We did a little digging (no, not in the family graveyard for fun) to unearth what the actors have been doing since their spooky, kooky, ooky time as the Addams family.

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