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All the Podcasts That Are Getting Their Own TV Shows

Your favorite podcasts are going primetime.

Now that it seems like the entertainment industry has exhausted all the good teen fantasy chic lit to translate to the screen, they’re looking for new material. Good material. And they’re finding it in podcasts.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, beach-friendly stories, though. No, podcasts go deep and they go dark, which means we’re about to see a whole new wave of television that focuses on those forgotten corners of our world, the places we would rather not think about. But once we shine a light into that darkness, we can’t look away.

One of the most popular podcast topics? True crime. By far, true crime, and most of these podcast-to-television adaptations reflect that popularity. Whether they are fiction or real-life stories, the TV shows promise to be just as engrossing as the original.

Click through our slideshow to see all the hit podcasts that will soon be coming to a television near you.

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