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Heidi Klum’s Best Halloween Costumes Through the Years


Heidi Klum is the reigning queen of Halloween, with costumes that continue to get more and more elaborate each year. Not only does Klum go all out with her costumes, but she also throws a huge Halloween bash each year. In 2016, she hosted two: one in New York and one in Los Angeles for all her high-profile friends to attend.

Though her costumes are always shrouded in mystery in the weeks leading up to Halloween, Klum usually teases her fans a bit. In 2018, she took to her Instagram with a video showing a prosthetic mold of her face and renowned special effects artist Mike Marino at work helping bring her costume to life. And as we all know, her epic Princess Fiona look was well worth it.

Let’s take a look back through all of Heidi Klum’s best costumes since she started her Halloween tradition 20 years ago.

A version of this article was published in October 2017.

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