The Ultimate Kardashian Dictionary, Because, Bible, They Have Their Own Language

by Allie Gemmill
Oct 20, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET

The Kardashian-Jenner family is a ubiquitous slice of pop culture nowadays. Seemingly everywhere, this family has dominated pop culture unlike any other family before or after. After a decade on our television screens with their ridiculously popular TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians (ever heard of it?), two major beauty empires, various talk shows, movie and TV cameos and all the iPhone apps your heart desires, there's no sign the Kardashians (Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloé) or the Jenners (Kylie and Kendall) are going away anytime soon. But why do we want that?

Perhaps the biggest contribution the Kardashians and Jenners have made to pop culture is their special lingo. Part hipster dialect, part specially crafted lingo, the words we closely associate with the Kardashians and Jenners might surprise you. So just to make sure you're totally fresh on what words are theirs (or heavily used by them), why not take a look through our unofficial Kardashian dictionary and see for yourself?

1 /18: 'Bible'

1/18 :'Bible'

When you're telling the serious truth, and it's way more honest than just a "fact," then it's "bible."

2 /18: 'Doll'

2/18 :'Doll'

Originating from the Dash days, "doll" is an affectionate term used by the Kardashian family.

3 /18: 'Fact'

3/18 :'Fact'

An incontrovertible truth, like when Kourtney starts dropping truth bombs on the rest of her siblings.

4 /18: 'I die' or 'I'm living'

4/18 :'I die' or 'I'm living'

Associated with Kim, you're either "dying" or "living" for something you totally love.

5 /18: 'Joke'

5/18 :'Joke'

When you really want to take someone, like a sibling, down a peg when they're being super-extra.

6 /18: 'Kimoji'

6/18 :'Kimoji'

Synonymous with the Kim-branded emojis you can use to express all your feels about KUWTK

7 /18: 'Koko & Kiki'

7/18 :'Koko & Kiki'

These are the adorable nicknames used for Khloé and Kim by Kourtney's children.

8 /18: 'Lit'

8/18 :'Lit'

Use "lit" like the family does: when something truly amazing is happening.

9/18 :'Momager'

When your business manager is also your mom, a.k.a. Kris Jenner. 

10 /18: 'Okurrr'

10/18 :'Okurrr'

Use this when you want to really emphasize how much you agree with something, Khloé-style.

11 /18: 'Turbo thot'

11/18 :'Turbo thot'

For when you're feeling yourself (and maybe getting a bit sexy) because you shouldn't hide your turbo thot side. 

12 /18: 'Savage'

12/18 :'Savage'

"Savage" is Kardashian-speak to go really hard on the truth or a sick burn that will take your opponent down. 

13 /18: 'Sus'

13/18 :'Sus'

"Sus," short for "suspicious" and describes something that's off, like when Instagram trolls are leaving weird comments.

14 /18: 'Todd Kraines'

14/18 :'Todd Kraines'

Because how can we forget what it means to be a Todd Kraines?

15 /18: 'Wave' or 'wavy'

15/18 :'Wave' or 'wavy'

If it's "wavy," then it's cool right now, be it the latest music, fashion, meme, beauty trend or otherwise. 

16 /18: 'Vibes'

16/18 :'Vibes'

Similar to "wavy," it's just the general feeling something (e.g., a piece of art, a song, a meme) gives you.

17 /18: 'Troll'

17/18 :'Troll'

"Troll" is most likely used as an insult to someone who is being super-rude (how dare you even try it, fam?). 

18 /18: 'Yeezy'

18/18 :'Yeezy'

"Yeezy" is used on KUWTK whenever the family is referring to Kim's hubby, Kanye West, or his clothing line.