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All the Spooky Podcasts You Need to Listen To

It’s late at night. You and your family and friends have gone on the yearly summer camping trip out into the woods. There is a campfire in front of you, trees around you and stars above you. That’s it… or so you think. Because as you huddle around the campfire roasting marshmallows, your dad’s friend starts a tale. It’s a tale that makes the forest come alive.

Now just let that nostalgia sink in for a moment.

Because that is what podcasts have been able to masterfully capture and recreate. It’s that feeling of the unknown around you becoming simultaneously thrilling and terrifying, and you don’t need a campfire in the middle of the woods to experience that excitement.

Podcasts are the new go-to for all things real-life monsters, myths and chilling moments. Forget the slasher flick. If you want a real scare, podcasts are the medium to discover.

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