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The Evolution of Suzanne Somers Since the ’70s

Although she’s best known for television roles like Chrissy Snow in Three’s Company and Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step, Suzanne Somers’ illustrious career also includes a slew of other achievements.

In addition to her film and TV work, the hard-working blonde has authored an entire series of self-help books, ranging from autobiographies to a book of poetry. In the ’90s, her work as spokeswoman for the Thighmaster exercise equipment ultimately led to her being inducted into the informercial hall of fame (yes, it’s a thing) many years later. 

True, Somers has experienced her fair share of controversy in her 71 years. When she was just starting out, she was arrested for writing bad checks. She also appeared in two Playboy cover features. In 1980, test photos she’d done with famed photographer Stan Malinowski were published. Then, in 1984, Somers decided to do a second nude shoot shortly after being fired from Three’s Company in 1981. And, over the years, her views on some medical subjects have been widely criticized. 

But you can’t keep a star like Somers from shining, and her enduring career is proof. In celebration of her 71st birthday, we’re taking a look back at her extraordinary life so far. 

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