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The New Actors Joining Stranger Things in Season 2

On Oct. 27, Stranger Things Season 2 officially drops on Netflix, and everyone who has binged Season 1 will surely be signing on to see what the sophomore season has in store.

In addition to the new mysteries and horrors, there are also new characters joining the drama. Some of these fresh faces are played by up-and-coming actors and some by well-known favorites.

Did you know that Sean Astin (yes, that Sean Astin) and Paul Reiser (yes, that Paul Reiser) are featured in Season 2? If you consider yourself a fan of Smash and Nashville, then you may be happy to hear that Will Chase is also part of the second season. Comedian Brett Gelman (Eagleheart, Brett Gelman’s Dinner in America) will also show up.

If you haven’t been keeping track of spoilers or casting announcements, allow us to introduce you to the new characters. We want you to be prepared before you dive into Season 2 and lose all track of time.

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