18 Celebs Who Had Babies at a Young Age

We’re all waiting — somewhat impatiently — for Kylie Jenner (or Kris Jenner or Kim Kardashian West or someone!) to confirm that Kylie Jenner is indeed pregnant with her first baby. Jenner has been active on social media since the news broke but has kept mum about the news, which is totally her prerogative given it’s a pretty personal subject but ugggggh… so not fair to us die-hard Kardashian fans.

Even though Jenner is pretty young (20 years old), sources told Us Magazine that she’s “more ready than ever” to be a mom with boyfriend of five months Travis Scott. And while it may have been shocking for fans, she’s not even close to being the first celebrity to have a baby at a young age.

Of course, “young” is pretty subjective — but for the sake of this slideshow, we’re taking a look at celebs who welcomed their first babies when they were 25 or younger. Some of them might surprise you.