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13 Celebrities Who Live Off the Grid

What does it mean to live “off the grid”?

Well, in this day and age when we’re all so intricately connected by technology, it may be tough to distinguish who qualifies as an off-the-grid celebrity. But with that in mind, it’s probably best if we qualify the term “off the grid” as someone who has little to no social media presence or they choose to not live in the epicenter of all celebrity business, Los Angeles.

It’s pretty easy to stay visible when you’re a famous face, but what about staying super-low-key? Or what about when you just want to get away from all of the fussiness that is living in a hotbed of celebrity visibility? For that, you choose a low-key place to live and you can pick and choose when you want to be seen by the general public. In 2017, that’s what we call some serious off-grid living.

So which celebrities have chosen to get away from prying eyes? Who’s saying, “No way!” to social media, and who is so over the Hollywood lifestyle? Well, keep reading, because you may be very surprised.

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