The Many Ways Hugh Jackman Has Transformed for His Characters

by Jessica Hickam
Jan 9, 2018 at 7:30 a.m. ET

Hugh Jackman is 49 years old and more handsome and rock-hard than ever. I mean, did you see Logan? (If your answer is no, then what are you waiting for?)

Jackman's film career has spanned more than two decades, which is difficult to believe if you just look at him. To put it simply, the man does not age.

Of course, just because he's a stud doesn't mean he can't transform himself to fit a role — any role. That's one of the most impressive things about Jackman. He's an on-screen chameleon, going from the ripped and towering Wolverine one moment to the broken Jean Valjean the next and then a peppy P.T. Barnum.

Part of what makes the transformations so impactful is that Jackman is willing to sculpt his body to fit the character. He admitted in a 2014 interview with the Los Angeles Times that he's got a "body obsession." 

He explained, "It's a different kind of look all the time. But I've got to be honest, mate, being in a 3-D film on a 40-foot screen is pretty good motivation for being in shape."

Click through our slideshow to watch Jackman transform in front of your eyes. Prepare to be impressed. And it won't just be his rock-hard abs that wow you.

A version of this article was originally published in October 2017.

1/22 :'X-Men'

Hugh Jackman broke out onto the Hollywood scene in a big way with 2000's X-Men.

2 /22: Those 'X-Men' muscles

2/22 :Those 'X-Men' muscles

Jackman brought the character of Logan to life, including all his muscles and vices.

3 /22: 'Someone Like You'

3/22 :'Someone Like You'

Jackman then showed off his romantic comedy chops in 2001's Someone Like You opposite Ashley Judd.

4 /22: 'Someone Like You' muscles

4/22 :'Someone Like You' muscles

Jackman was funny and charming in the film. And yes, he also appeared shirtless.

5 /22: 'Kate & Leopold'

5/22 :'Kate & Leopold'

Jackman went from charming bad boy to a new kind of charming, Prince Charming, in Kate & Leopold.

6/22 :'X-Men 2'

Jackman brought even more smolder to Logan in X-Men 2.

7 /22: 'Van Helsing'

7/22 :'Van Helsing'

Jackman rocked long, luscious locks and a crossbow for his role in 2004's Van Helsing.

8 /22: 'X-Men: The Last Stand'

8/22 :'X-Men: The Last Stand'

The return of the sideburns! X-Men: The Last Stand released in 2006.

9 /22: 'Scoop'

9/22 :'Scoop'

Jackman kept his look classic for this 2006 Woody Allen film.

10 /22: 'The Fountain'

10/22 :'The Fountain'

Maybe one of the strangest movies ever, Jackman's work in The Fountain was transformative.

11 /22: 'The Fountain'

11/22 :'The Fountain'

This one needs a round two just to prove the point.

12 /22: 'The Fountain'

12/22 :'The Fountain'

Oh, and a round three because we just couldn't not include this one too.

13 /22: 'The Prestige'

13/22 :'The Prestige'

Arguably one of Jackman's best movies to date, he flawlessly captured the 19th-century look.

14 /22: 'Australia'

14/22 :'Australia'

Baz Luhrmann's Australia showed off the rugged, manly side of Jackman.

15 /22: 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'

15/22 :'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'

Jackman got intense in the next X-Men installment in 2009.

16 /22: 'Les Misérables'

16/22 :'Les Misérables'

2012's Les Misérables saw a Hugh Jackman in some of the finest character work we've ever seen.

17 /22: 'Les Misérables'

17/22 :'Les Misérables'

Jackman reduced food and water intake to lose over 20 pounds for the role.

18 /22: 'Prisoners'

18/22 :'Prisoners'

A dad on a mission, Jackman excelled in this dark drama.

19 /22: 'Pan'

19/22 :'Pan'

Jackman became a terrifying bald pirate in 2015's Pan in which he played Blackbeard.

20 /22: 'Eddie the Eagle'

20/22 :'Eddie the Eagle'

Buzzed hair, don't care. Jackman rocked the '80s style in Eddie the Eagle.

21/22 :'Logan'

Logan presented a worn and aged Wolverine who had given up on his superhero days.

22 /22: 'The Greatest Showman'

22/22 :'The Greatest Showman'

Jackman's latest performance is as circus man P.T. Barnum.