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Which Celebrity Halloween Costume You Should Rock Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Each year, it seems as though a million new Halloween costumes hit the market, making picking one out practically impossible. Should you be the Mother of Dragons? Or perhaps one of Big Little Lies’ Monterey moms? There’s no dearth of ideas coming out of Hollywood, that’s for sure.

So this year, why not save yourself some trouble and let the stars decide for you? 

While using your zodiac sign to choose what costume you’re going to don isn’t the most scientific approach to this holiday conundrum, it is arguably the most fun. And if we’re really being honest, the astrological traits of each sign actually made it pretty easy to match them to a slew of celebrity-inspired ensembles.

No matter what your sign is (or how much stock you put in astrology), you’ll find plenty of nostalgic and new costume ideas to follow — from late, great musicians to bingeworthy TV characters.

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