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What 14 Actors Who Play CGI Characters Look Like IRL

Creating a character can be a tricky, intricate, in-depth process for many actors. Whether they go Method or improv their way through a performance, every moment, every detail and every character flourish matters. Now, imagine doing all of that work, but as a CGI character. Not only do actors who transform for a CGI-rendered performance undergo a physical change, but that transformation can also really affect their performance. As such, it’s easy to forget who is acting under all that make-up or digitally designed CGI goodness. It’s totally understandable, though. With advances in technology, bringing to life fantastic characters infused with the vibrant personality of a singular performer means the actor and the CGI character become one.

In light of this, some actors who have transformed for their roles as CGI characters are barely recognizable in their human form. Others have been aged down thanks to CGI, and still others have been transformed into CGI versions of themselves that are so lifelike, it’s tough to tell which is which.

Well, wonder no longer, because we have for you some actors presented side-by-side with their CGI counterparts so you can truly marvel at their transformations.

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