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These Celebrities Don’t Label Their Sexuality

It’s 2017, people. Love is love. Sexuality is far from a black and white issue. Let us all celebrate good times! You can be all shades of the rainbow, and celebrities are helping to make the LGBTQ spectrum more acceptable by speaking out about their truth.

Demi Lovato recently caused a stir when she refused to define her sexuality and then bravely clapped back at haters who thought she owed them an explanation. But she is far from the only celeb who is rebelling against the labels.

These celebs refuse to label their sexuality because they think it’s no one’s business. (It isn’t.) Others just genuinely don’t feel the labels matter. Who needs ’em? Whatever the reason, these celebs are redefining societal standards of sexuality, paving the way for a whole new future.

Here are the A-listers who skip the labels and opt for a freedom of feelings.

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