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An Introduction to the New Characters on ‘Once Upon a Time’

After much speculation and many rumors, it was revealed near the end of Once Upon a Time Season 6 that there were indeed major changes happening to the ABC series.

Those alterations included revamping the cast and saying goodbye to many beloved characters, including Emma Swan, Charming and Snow. 

In the closing moments of the Season 6 finale, it was finally shown just what direction the drama would be going — Henry is now an adult with a child of his own named Lucy, but, like Emma in Season 1, he’s under a curse and can’t remember his true self or those of the other fairy tale characters. Oh, and he’s also now living in Hyperion Heights, a neighborhood in Seattle.

As for the new characters, at Comic-Con 2017, the OUAT creators unmasked who’d be joining Season 7 in a series regular and recurring capacity. In addition to adult Henry, Lucy, Hook, Regina and Rumple, it was announced that Cinderella, Lady Tremaine, Drizella, Alice and Tiana would all play a part this season, among a few others who were announced later. There’s no denying that women are a major focus this season, which should definitely be celebrated.

Exactly what fans can expect from this new chapter remains unknown, so they’ll just have to wait until the premiere on Oct. 6. Until then, let’s get to know the characters of Season 7.

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