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11 Women in Hollywood Who Love Being Single

Whether they’re long-term singletons or they’ve carved out a life for themselves that doesn’t depend on a significant other, Hollywood is full of women who are very happy being single. They’ve got nothing against love nor do they sneer at others who are happy and in love, but when it comes to their own romantic lives, they don’t place a high premium on romance. Instead, you’re more likely to catch these women devoting their time and energy to their careers, their families, their friends and, yes, even themselves. Can you imagine it?

So, here’s to the women who make single life look like an adventure, a breeze, a not-so-scary choice. These actors have chosen to be single for the long term, and what’s better, they’re giving us all a new perspective on what it means to live single. So make sure you tip your hat to these celeb singletons — I know I am.

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