Our 10 New Favorite Characters to Dress Up As for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means: It’s time to stock those cupboards with Halloween candy, make sure you have “Monster Mash” playing on a constant loop to keep things spooky, and don’t forget the costume. No, seriously. Don’t forget to create a showstopping Halloween costume this year.

But coming up with a fresh Halloween costume idea can be tough; I get it. There are only so many years in a row you can dress as a witch or a black cat or even Frankenstein before things get a little snoozeworthy.

So, take some inspiration from some of the most talked about, the most epic, the most inventive and even the most colorful films and TV shows of 2017. There have been plenty of exciting releases (did someone say Wonder Woman?) that will surely get your imaginative gears turning, so why not take a peek at some of our suggestions for an added creative boost?