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‘Chicago Fire’ Might Kill These 7 Characters in the Season 6 Premiere

When we last watched Chicago Fire, fans were having major heart palpitations and most likely using up an entire box of tissues.

The Season 5 finale left the lives of seven characters hanging in the balance. After rushing into a burning building, as per usual, a good portion of Firehouse 51 got trapped inside with what appeared to be no way out: Severide, Casey, Kidd, Otis, Kannell, Herrmann and Mouch. Can you imagine the NBC franchise without them? It’s true that Kannell hasn’t been part of the family as long as everyone else, but his death would still be sad.

While chatting with The Hollywood Reporter in August, executive producer Derek Haas said about the premiere, “You’re going to get all of the answers that you were looking for. We don’t gloss over anything. All of what happened, happened and the results are going to be earned.” He also said, “Not all characters are coming back for Season 6, but I won’t specifically say how come they’re not coming back.”

Basically, fans should remain nervous and prepare for anything, although some spoilers have revealed that a few of the characters do make it out alive. So, let’s have a look before the new episode premieres on Thursday.

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