'Chicago Fire' Might Kill These 7 Characters in the Season 6 Premiere

by Allyson Koerner
Sep 26, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. ET

When we last watched Chicago Fire, fans were having major heart palpitations and most likely using up an entire box of tissues.

The Season 5 finale left the lives of seven characters hanging in the balance. After rushing into a burning building, as per usual, a good portion of Firehouse 51 got trapped inside with what appeared to be no way out: Severide, Casey, Kidd, Otis, Kannell, Herrmann and Mouch. Can you imagine the NBC franchise without them? It's true that Kannell hasn’t been part of the family as long as everyone else, but his death would still be sad.

While chatting with The Hollywood Reporter in August, executive producer Derek Haas said about the premiere, "You're going to get all of the answers that you were looking for. We don't gloss over anything. All of what happened, happened and the results are going to be earned." He also said, “Not all characters are coming back for Season 6, but I won't specifically say how come they're not coming back.”

Basically, fans should remain nervous and prepare for anything, although some spoilers have revealed that a few of the characters do make it out alive. So, let's have a look before the new episode premieres on Thursday.

1 /7: Severide is a lucky guy

1/7 :Severide is a lucky guy

Yes, Severide is trapped, but there's good news.

He is getting a new love interest this season, which totally means he makes it out alive, right? As reported by The Hollywood Reporter in July, Eloise Mumford is joining the series in a recurring role. She is slated to play Hope Jacquinot, who is described as "an old friend of paramedic Sylvie Brett. She is described as a playful, charming girl-next-door turned up a notch who has sprung free of her tiny hometown in Indiana to hit the streets of Chicago."

Well, according to TV Line, Hope is going to be setting her eyes on Severide (of course). "That may not rub everyone the right way, especially one of the firefighters who had a previous relationship with Severide," Haas said.

Oh, and it looks like Severide will revert back to his old ways now that Anna is sadly gone. As Haas told TV Line, "Let’s just say that subsequent to Anna’s passing, he’s been comforted by half of the women of Chicago."

2 /7: You can't get rid of Stella that easily

2/7 :You can't get rid of Stella that easily

Based on the way Haas teased Severide's new relationship with Hope, it sure sounds like Stella is going to be the jealous one. 

Remember, Haas said, "That may not rub everyone the right way, especially one of the firefighters who had a previous relationship with Severide," which totally means Stella. 

Furthermore, as Haas dished to Entertainment Weekly in September regarding Hope, "She’s a very cute, fun, small-town girl who is a little bright lights, big city coming to Chicago. She decides she really likes what Brett has going on in Chicago and looks to gain favor amongst our firefighters. She’s going to be a romantic interest to Severide starting off, and we’re also going to have Stella Kidd and Severide flirt with each other through this season."

There you have it. Severide and Stella make it out alive.

3 /7: Otis needs to find love

3/7 :Otis needs to find love

Who else survives? Otis, for one.

As teased by EW in September, Otis, like Severide, is getting a new love interest.

"Where Otis and Cruz and Brett live, there’s a bar — Mac’s Bar — that has a going out of business sign in the window, and they go to see if they could possibly buy some equipment," Haas revealed. "Then Otis starts to get the idea of maybe it’s time to build a Molly’s North. And you can imagine what problems — I mean victories! — that’s going to have for him. And there might be the daughter of Mac, her name is Lily, who is co-owner of that bar and Otis thinks is his type."

Otis fans, are you happy to hear this news?


4 /7: Kannell, the expendable?

4/7 :Kannell, the expendable?

In February, it was announced that Kamal Angelo Boden would be joining Chicago Fire as Kannell.

At the time, he was described as "a charismatic, magnetic, fun-loving, positive, loyal firefighter with a million-dollar smile. He is the guy you want beside you in a burning building and sitting next to you cracking jokes at the bar."

When he was first cast, Deadline reported that Boden was coming on as a "recurring guest star with an option to become a regular in Season 6, pending a renewal, which is fully expected," so there's that.

Though, since Kannell isn't the most well-known and hasn't been around that long, he could be the most expendable.

5 /7: It isn't looking good for Mouch

5/7 :It isn't looking good for Mouch

If anyone is going to die, it could very well be Mouch.

Not only is he trapped inside a burning building, but he also collapsed after suffering from what seemed to be a heart attack. 

It would be beyond heartbreaking if Chicago Fire loses Mouch. Obvioulsy, he is lovable, but the fact that he told Herrmann he would be retiring after this shift and Cruz was mad at him by season's end for his suspension... there's just no way Mouch can go out like that.

Oh, and let's not forget about Trudy. It's just wouldn't be fair to make Platt bury her husband.

6 /7: Herrmann isn't leaving Mouch

6/7 :Herrmann isn't leaving Mouch

The last fans saw Herrmann, he was hovering over a collapsed Mouch.

You know very well that Herrmann isn't going to leave Mouch behind and is going to do everything in his power to make sure his friend lives, because that is just who Herrmann is.

But would he also sacrifice his own life for his buddy? Who knows, but fans should probably be just as worried about Herrmann as they are about Mouch.

7 /7: Casey said his goodbyes to Gabby

7/7 :Casey said his goodbyes to Gabby

Finally, there is Matthew Casey. He's so not going to die — right?

Seriously, there is no way the drama will kill Casey. He has been at the center of the series since day one, and now that he's married to Gabby, Chicago Fire can't do that to its viewers.

However, Casey's goodbye to Gabby was pretty convincing. It went like this: "Gabby, you know how much you mean to me, right? You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Gabby, I want you to remember us happy, together, holding each other. You’re my miracle, Gabby. You’re my miracle. I love you."

Well, based on the Sesaon 6 poster, it sure looks like Casey will be alive and kicking when the show returns. But fans better just take that lightly, all while trying to wait patiently for the premiere to see which of their favorite first responders are sticking around.