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‘The Voice’ Fan Favorites: Where Are They Now?

With 12 seasons on the books, The Voice has produced some undeniably talented winners. From Season 1’s Javier Colon to Season 12’s Chris Blue and every winning artist in between, it’s been fun following their fame. But what about the contestants who didn’t win but still managed to capture America’s attention? 

Each season has had fan favorites — contestants who endeared themselves to the audience so much that it felt like a legitimate loss to see them go. They didn’t win their respective seasons, no, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t win in the court of public opinion. Even in being voted off, their appeal endured.

So where are they now? What happened after their time on The Voice ended and these fan favorites returned to the real world? Happily, they’re pretty much all still out there hustlin’ and performin’ any chance they get. Take a look for yourself.

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