The 14 Most Memorable Mindy Lahiri Looks on 'The Mindy Project

by Allie Gemmill
Sep 19, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Life may be a bit of a roller coaster for Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project, but she always — always — looks good. In fact, Mindy's fashion choices on The Mindy Project are so on point that it's hard to choose her most memorable looks because they're all memorable. At least, that's what we think. 

Mindy's style is best classified as "classy and graceful under pressure." Whether Morgan is wigging out and needs to be calmed down, Mindy and Danny are verbally sparring with one another, or she has to quickly jump from office hours to surgery, Mindy's style is always fancy and feminine with just the right touch of sass. She loves to mix prints and textures, she never holds back and she always makes a bold statement. 

On that note, here's a look at some of Mindy's most memorable outfits on The Mindy Project.

1 /14: Chilled out in green

1/14 :Chilled out in green

Mindy may look shocked, but her cool green dress might help her calm down... eventually.

2 /14: Fancy in fur

2/14 :Fancy in fur

A night on the town means donning a fancy fur and showing everyone else up. 

3 /14: Sweet baby mama

3/14 :Sweet baby mama

Just because she's a mom now, that doesn't mean her preppy, chic style has to go out the window. 

4 /14: Flower power

4/14 :Flower power

Look at this adorable floral dress with just the right amount of vintage flourish. Fantastic!

5 /14: Staying bright in yellow

5/14 :Staying bright in yellow

Her clothes often match her mood, and it's clear Mindy's choosing to stay sunny, even when things with Ben aren't.

6 /14: Simple and chic

6/14 :Simple and chic

Simple, sweet and totally cool: that's Mindy, all right.

7 /14: Lady in red

7/14 :Lady in red

Check out this foxy mama, all dressed in red!

8 /14: Flummoxed in florals

8/14 :Flummoxed in florals

Even when things are going awry with Morgan, Mindy looks calm and composed in this floral dress and pink duster.

9 /14: An expressive shirt choice

9/14 :An expressive shirt choice

Mindy's graphic tees are usually on point, but this "Shopping is my cardio" T-shirt is especially amazing.

10 /14: Different kind of special delivery

10/14 :Different kind of special delivery

Mindy definitely sexed up the U.S. Postal Service uniform, but we're not mad about it.

11 /14: Out with the girls

11/14 :Out with the girls

Mindy totally stands out from the crowd in that amazing firework-print skirt and red leather jacket. 

12 /14: Pineapple perfection

12/14 :Pineapple perfection

Even as a new mama, Mindy kept things stylishly simple, as she did when she wore this pineapple print overcoat.

13 /14: A special occasion

13/14 :A special occasion

She's keeping it festive with a traditional sari that is stunning to admire.

14 /14: Comfortable with being graphic

14/14 :Comfortable with being graphic

Mindy looks very cute but very chill in her graphic sweater.