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The Best Celebrity Photos From New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week officially kicked off Sept. 6, which means that the Big Apple will be filled to the brim with the biggest movers and shakers in the fashion industry. Not only is this a major event for the prestige fashion houses from around the world, this is also a time when new and emerging fashion brands can make their debut and show their vision to the world. Needless to say, it’s a pretty exciting time if you are a huge fan of all things fashion and beauty.

Another exciting effect of New York Fashion Week is the fact that it’s a huge draw for celebrities. Actors from film and television, models young and old, high-fliers in society and the who’s who of the media all turn out for this incredibly important week. Seeing as New York Fashion Week has just begun, I reckon it’s time we start our celeb watch now. Here’s who’s been spotted at NYFW thus far.

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